Learn to Fly 3
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Description : Learn to Fly 3 - In the exciting game Learn To Fly 3, your target is to advance through the story mode as well as unlock three new challenges, while working for the penguin nasa in a vertical distance launch. Please try to make the little bird friend fly further. The further it can go, the higher the score and money he can earn, which are mostly used to invest and buy new great upgrades. The penguins can never fly only if you use the right tools and gadgets. You can also use the cursor keys to balance or thrust the penguin even higher. If you buy the boosts, please try to teach the bird friend to fly it. Maybe it can even finally arrive the moon in the universe! If you like Learn to Fly 3, you can put it to your favorites. So it can be convenient for you to play later! - jackingame.com.

Control : mouse@play

Tags :   Adventure  Physics  Penguin 

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